Dash Berlin Shares “Untold” Story Behind Trance Anthem ‘Till The Sky Falls Down’


dash berlin untold story

Part One Reveals Sebastiaan Molijn as the Song’s Creator

Amidst all the legal chaos between Dash Berlin and Jeffrey Sutorius, both parties seem hellbent on re-branding themselves. With the release of “The Untold Story Part One: Dash Berlin – Till The Sky Falls Down,” the Dutch duo of Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn are attempting to tell the tale of their epic trance anthem. Their song ‘Till The Sky Falls Down‘ is one of the most recognizable trance songs to date.

The one-minute video starts with a simple message: “My name is Seb. I write and produce songs.” The video goes on to chronicle how the track came about, as it is mostly autobiographical to Sebastiaan’s life. He apparently missed someone so deeply in his life, he felt compelled to write a song dedicated to that person. After writing the piano portion in his home, he connected with Vera Ostrova, the vocalist for the song.

This move could be to connect with fans in hopes of gaining a little sympathy while their legal strife rages on. Dash Berlin recently made public that they will be releasing music in 2019 under their original name. Jeffrey Sutorius has continued on in solo fashion as a live DJ, although new music releases have yet to be heard.

It is a precarious situation, but hopefully both acts find success following the split. No doubt their creative collaborations are a thing of the past. The stage presence Sutorius brings to each show should keep him afloat for awhile, but all fans are expecting new music in the near future.

Time will tell as to the fate of the ongoing Dash Berlin duo. Will they perhaps hire another front man/woman to act as their live show vessel? It seems like answers are coming soon with the release of this video series.

Check out Part One below, and keep an eye out for the next steps in the series!