Ekali Takes Us on a Journey With ‘Forgot How to Dream’ Music Video


Ekali just released a music video for his song ‘Forgot How to Dream‘ featuring K. Flay, a single from his melodic EP, Crystal Eyes  and it is nothing short of epic.

The video begins with the emergence of his iconic palm tree leaves, alongside soft purple and blue colors. This introduction invites us into the bedroom, and presumably the mind, of a young Ekali. The video skips back and forth between young Ekali, and the one we see today. This visual masterpiece seems to directly speak to the dreams and expectations he may have held for himself as a future artist. In addition, the sleek vocals and melodic tone help bring the story to life.

‘Forgot How to Dream’ is a journey, and therefore, a visual representation of growth, change, and success. In conjunction, it speaks to the confusion of not knowing what the future holds. This narrative seems to touch on the topic of mental health, something Ekali has spoken about openly via Twitter.

In one particular tweet, he describes his personal struggle with dissociative symptoms and how they have impacted his life. He discusses how extreme pressures and expectations from the industry can have a direct impact on artists and public figures who are struggling with mental health.

In conclusion, the current version of Ekali appears to paint a picture of someone who is achieving his dreams, traveling, finding happiness, etc. Despite this vision of success, it seems that he is asking himself what to do now. Perhaps ‘Forgot How to Dream’ serves as his personal inspiration for more self development and growth.

Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts on the video.