Galantis – Bones ft. OneRepublic


Galantis Bones

Galantis – Bones (feat. OneRepublic)

Galantis is a name that every fan of the electronic music scene knows. Their rise to fame is one of the quickest in recent history. And any fan of pop will be familiar with OneRepublic. The group’s similar rise to fame in the mainstream music world makes them the perfect partners to collaborate with the Swedish EDM stars. And that joint effort produced everything you would expect from these two mega groups. ‘Bones‘ is a feel good, big room track that just makes you want to dance your cares away.

Bridging the ever diminishing gap between electronic music and live band performances, Bones incorporates the best of both groups. Galantis’ signature big room trumpet synths and heavy basslines compliment Ryan Tedder‘s easily recognizable vocals. A guitar, undoubtedly from one of the OneRepublic members, also plays throughout the track. And what would Bones be without the familiar female vocal stab “Hey” that endures though most of Galantis’ discography?

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Give Bones a listen in the SoundCloud link below. An excellent collaboration between two huge musical forces, this track could brighten your mood at a house party or at the biggest festival in the world. Leave us a comment and let us know what you think about the newest collaboration between Galantis and OneRepublic!

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