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Goldfish feat. Zeeba – It Was You (Acoustic Session)

South African duo, Goldfish, has demonstrated their musical talents through various hit releases over the past few years. Their recent track ‘It Was You‘ was released on Armada Records and featured the amazing vocals of Zeeba. After receiving incredible feedback for their track and over 600,000 streams later, the three artists decided to show the world just exactly how talented they are by releasing a recorded acoustic session of their track together.

Zeeba first blew into the spotlight after his hit collaboration with Alok and Bruno Martini on ‘Hear Me Now’. Since then, the three have joined forces to produce a few more major hits including ‘Ocean’ and ‘Never Let Me Go’ which all feature Zeeba on vocals. His voice just generates amazing synergy with chill and more soothing melodies. This shows in his collab with Goldfish on ‘It Was You’. In their acoustic session, you can see the three artists passionately perform on the instruments they know best. When commenting on the their session, Goldfish stated the following:

“It’s always awesome to strip back a track to its essence and let the song speak for itself. Recorded with just a @steinwayandsons 9ft Grand Piano, vocal and Saxophone, it’s something we don’t do very often and we’re excited to share it with you.”

Check out the entire acoustic session below as well as take a listen to the original to compare the differences.

Michael Tam
Michael Tam
EDMTunes Managing Editor & SiriusXM Music Programmer
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