Maor Levi – Celestial


Maor Levi

Maor Levi – Celestial

Maor Levi is starting off 2019 right, and we couldn’t be happier. After finishing the year off strong with releases like ‘Light Years‘ and ‘Gemini‘, we see some new music from the “Trance Legend”. Today, we bring you his newest track ‘Celestial‘, out on Armada Music.

After listening to the track, the title ‘Celestial‘ is very fitting. It features some heavenly chords, as well some hard hitting bass. The track starts off quick with what could be considered any other producers drop, only to be followed by some audio FX & some “celestial” pads. From here, we get a couple of organ-like keys playing the chords, followed by a lofty melody.

The elements continue to come in to include to percussion & kick drum, and at 2:16 we get what is unmistakably the drop. Maor LeviĀ once again proves why he is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to trance. Through ‘Celestial’ he has yet again released a dream-state inducing production, and we think you are going to love it. ‘Celestial’ is out now, and can be streamed below, enjoy.

Maor Levi – CelestialĀ