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Netflix Reveals New DJ Comedy Series Featuring Idris Elba

Netflix continues to churn out new movies and series, and this time it’s a brand new comedy show starring certified renaissance man Idris Elba. Titled ‘Turn Up Charlie‘, it tells the story of a struggling DJ named Charlie. It’s his last chance at success in life, so what will he do? With eight episodes, it centers around him accepting a job as a “manny” to his famous best friend’s daughter. The hilarity that ensues between the bachelor and problem child is sure to make this a series to look forward to.

Slated for a debut on March 15, the series is co-created by Elba and Gary Reich on their very own Brown Eyed Boy Productions and Green Door Pictures. Frankie Harvey, Piper Perabo, and JJ Field will guest star. Other cast members include Angela Griffin, Guz Khan, Jocelyn Jee Esein, Jade Anouka, Cameron King, and Dustin Demri-Burns.

Here are some first look pics at the upcoming comedy below.

We’ll see just what happens when our Sexiest Man Alive struggles with his adventures in this one.

Executively producing and starring in one’s very own production? Not too shabby, Idris. When he’s not turning down rumors of being James Bond, he’s in his element of playing at a club. With a stained tux shirt or a wedding DJ booth, we can only imagine what could go on (or wrong).

We know he is playing at Coachella this year as well. Could this have been a marketing strategy to promote that? Unclear, but we do know that Big Driis has been DJing since his teenage years and has found a way to acclaim his acting career as well. He’s collaborated with Macklemore and worked with Mumford and Sons. His talents are vast—we’ll find out what this is all about in March. Stay tuned!

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