Niels van Gogh – Pulverturm (Tiësto’s Big Room Remix)


The year is 1998. Niels van Gogh has just delivered Pulverturmto the world, his very first release on Kosmo Records and a track that achieved Gold status in multiple countries. Dutch DJ and producer Tiësto is working to establish his own label and release new music of his own. Fast forward 21 years, and the worlds of Niels van Gogh and Tiësto have collided, bringing us an awesome remix that we never saw coming. Pulverturm – (Tiësto’s Big Room Remix)’ combines the classic progressive club-sound of the original track with a more modern, dance flare. This is a style and sound that Tiësto is so masterful at constructing.

This track produces the type of sound that you cannot help but dance to. There is a nostalgic feeling resurrected from the vocals and sounds of the original track, which meshes effortlessly with Tiesto’s remixed sound. Niels van Gogh commonly produces sounds in the electro and house genres, similarly to Tiësto, who has dabbled with everything from pop, trance, electro, and house – among many others. Combine two successful and experienced DJ/producers with unique, captivating sounds, and we are gifted a remix of this caliber.

‘Pulverturm (Tiësto’s Big Room Remix)‘ reminds us how great sounds effortlessly withstand the test of time. The world of dance music is only continuing to adapt and grow. Consequently, it is a guarantee that we will continue to see resurrections of old classics with new spins and twists.

Check out ‘Pulverturm (Tiësto’s Big Room Remix)’ down below.