Sander Van Doorn & Frontliner – One Love


Sander Van Doorn & Frontliner – One Love

Dutch DJ Sander Ketelaars, aka Sander van Doorn, and Barry Drooger, aka DJ Frontliner, have just released a psytrance hit ‘One Love‘. The tune is fun, melodic, glitchy, and will surely make any listener groove to its catchy hooks.

The psytrance style of the song comes as no surprise given the collaboration between Sander van Doorn and Frontliner. Van Doorn is a king when it comes to the tech and electro house scene, which he has been in for over 10 years. He is famous for making popular remixes, and is a constant presence in DJMag‘s Top 100 DJ surveys.

Frontliner, on the other hand, is famous for his signature hardstyle sounds. His influence brings out the aggressive hooks of ‘One Love’. The combination of both Van Doorn and Frontliner’s styles fuse together perfectly to make ‘One Love’ the instantly appealing song that it is.

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