Skrillex “Face My Fears” (Ft. Hikaru Utada) Hits The Hot100


Once again, Skrillex continues to show the world that his talents do not only align with making heavy bass music. With Kingdom Hearts III long-awaited release it comes as no surprise that there are more ears listening to “Face My fears.” Pop Star and vocalist Hikaru Utada hand listeners a sense of nostalgia by returning to the forefront of vocals for the song. Skrillex had gained inspiration from PlanitB’s song “Simple and Clean“, which Utada also sang on, to ensure that the music brings back good memories to listeners. Bringing passion with a Future bass tone and a classic Skrillex vocal cut the song reaches new heights while giving respect to past works for the series.

This collaboration was destined to happen; tweeting back in 2011 Skrillex made the world know his love for the Kingdom Heart Series:
skrillexHaving to wait for 10 years, fans of Square Enix and Disney come together once again to pit beloved Disney characters into a world of action and adventure. Being the head of the EDM industry for years it comes to no surprise that these giants would come together to create a masterpiece. An English and Japanese version of the song are available, showcasing Skrillex’s talent. At the time of publishing, the song is positioned at #98 on the Billboard Hot100 list.
With Kingdom Hearts III only released for a few days now, the song will continue to rise up the list. You can listen to the song down below and Let us know what you think. Does this song capture your nostalgia? What do you think Skrillex will be working on next?