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Deadmau5 Releases Third Installments In Mau5ville Series: Level 3

Deadmau5 – mau5ville: Level 3

2019 has been a great year for music thus far, however if you’re a Deadmau5 fan, it might be an even better one. We’ve seen him release a bustling 35-Track compilation album filled to the brim with various Mau5trap artist. He also released the film score he was working on released in album form, and have even gotten a chance to learn more about the man behind the Mau5 mask through an exclusive Forbes interview. In addition to all these, we have even gotten the chance to see him geek out over the new Cube 3.0 design on Reddit. But to top it all off, we now get what Joel is best known for, some new original music.

Deadmau5 has officially released the third installment to his mau5ville series, ‘mau5ville: Level 3′. Last July, ‘Level 1′ was released, with ‘Level 2‘ following in a few months later in November. ‘Level 3’ features 10 new tracks, with a handful of Deadmau5 originals. If you remember his highly anticipated follow up to ‘Ghost & Stufftitled ‘Monophobia’, then you might recognize the opening track ‘Polyphobia’ as it features the same playful melody that defined ‘Monophobia’, albeit in a gritty Mau5 fashion.

mau5ville: Level 3′ features tracks from Scene Of Action, C.O.Z, Mark Mackenzie, No Mana, & OFFIAH, along with a sweet Hip-Hop infused track which presents SHOTTY HORROH on the vocals. If you’ve been thirsting for some new Mau5 music, this is definitely for you. Comprised of 10 tracks in total, ‘mau5ville: Level 3’ has more than enough to keep you going through the weekend. The EP is out now on Mau5trap, and can be steamed below.


Deadmau5 – mau5ville: Level 3 | STREAM

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