Dirtybird Reveals 2019 BBQ Locations


Dirtybird BBQ 2019
The Dirtybird BBQ is where is all began. Just Barclay Crenshaw and his friends hanging out in a park, grilling, playing funky tech house to anyone who would show up. Fast forward ten years. This signature Dirtybird Records event is one of the most anticipated events of the year for fans across the country. And the flock will have five opportunities to get weird with their favorite DJs while eating plenty of sauced up selections.

With stops in Brooklyn, LA, the Bay Area, Austin and Denver, people from all across the country will have a chance to attend. The first three names on the list are regular haunts for the BBQ and are sure to bring an impressive crowd. Denver jumps onto the roster as the #1 fan voted city for the Birds to drop in on. But most interesting is the return to Austin, Texas in collaboration with RealMusic Events.

Although the event’s first trip to the Live Music Capital of the World occurred last year, the Dirtybird crew already refers to Austin as a “mainstay” of the Dirtybird BBQ in the same breath as Brooklyn and their “home turf” of San Francisco. After all, Claude VonStroke did take to the mic and say that his set at BBQ Austin was his favorite he’s played in the last five years. And to make it even better, RME is upgrading the venue this year to the epic Carson Creek Ranch.

So if you’ve never been to a Dirtybird BBQ, hop online and grab your tickets here. These events are always heavily attended and almost guaranteed to sell out. So don’t miss your chance to snag a ticket to one of the best house music events you can attend this summer. We’ll see you on the dance floor.