JOYRYDE Announces New Single “I’m Gone”


JOYRYDEJOYRYDE fans rejoice as we have a new single to look forward to. After delaying his album in November due to technical issues we finally have a date for his newest single “I’m Gone’ ‘. Releasing on February 22nd the wait is (almost) finally over. In his teaser post yesterday, he gives us a look at his state of mind. “wrote it recovering surgery on too many opioids. gone in the [brain]”

“im at peace, this song isn’t normal.” In true JOYRYDE fashion, he stays real with fans and keeps things transparent. After his big hit ‘AGEN WIDA’ that he released with Skrillex our expectations are high. Nevertheless, are you counting down the days, the hours, the minutes till Friday. Who knows what we are in store for this next release. Either way, it’s exciting to know that things are going well for the artist and he feels his music is ready for our ears.