Matt Lange – Space Between (feat. Deniz Reno)


Matt Lange has just released a new song featuring Deniz Reno titled ‘Space Between’ on Deadmau5‘s label, Mau5trap. The track marks the first released single and title track off his forthcoming album on the label. Matt is Deadmau5’s secret weapon, with his signature sound and meticulous craft. Matt also incorporates live instruments into his work, adding to the colorful dynamic in his releases.

‘Space Between’ maintains the dark signature sound for which Lange is known, as well as a gripping melody that showcases his talent for progressive house production. Deniz Reno’s ethereal vocals brings the track together, blending and adding color to the overall sound.

“Deniz offered a beautiful and ethereal pop sensibility that married elegantly with my blend of synths, machines, and cello,” Lange tells Billboard Dance. “[It’s] our first born of triplets, if you will.”

Matt Lange received a Grammy nomination working on BT’s ‘These Hopeful Machines.’ He also licensed music for films such as Ready Player One and Bladerunner 2049.  He also composed for video games such as Counter-Strike Global Offensive and DOTA 2. Additionally, Matt hosts his own podcast titled ‘Tap Tempo’ which hosts many talented guests.  Separate from that, he released a series of 3-song EPs titled ‘Punish Me,’ ‘Bleed Together,’ and ‘Diversions.’ The EPs wonderfully combine his dark production with rock and metal influences, with some tracks hosting his own vocals.

There is currently no more information on the album, but more collaborations with Deniz Reno are likely.

Matt Lange – Space Between (feat. Deniz Reno)