Miami Marine Stadium Final Renovation Plans Revealed


When Ultra Music Festival announced its move to Virginia Key, many fans wondered whether the festival would be utilizing the iconic and historic Miami Marine Stadium. This stadium sits right on the property and used to play host to huge concerts out on the water. However the stadium is still condemned after Hurricane Andrew and cannot be used as is. This week, final plans were revealed for the Miami Marine Stadium’s renovation and they look amazing.

The stadium will be fully renovated for $50 million and a giant stage will be built out on the water connected by docks according to the concept images. Now the plan will go out to bid soon, but it won’t be ready for Ultra for some time. The renovation is expected to be completed in 2022. What the construction would mean for future editions of Ultra is anybody’s guess, but one day Ultra will be able to use a legendary water stage. Check out the final plans in the video below.