Mija’s 24 Minute Ambient Edit Of ‘Notice Me’ Will Accompany Her Live Tour


Mija Band Practice Tour

The electronic music scene’s favorite genre busting badass is returning to the stage. Mija, who is famous for her “Fk A Genre” tour, is stepping outside of the box in a completely different way. Her live band tour titled Band Practice is dropping in to 9 U.S. cities in the next two months. And she just published ‘The Space in Between pt.1,’ a 24 minute ambient edit of her track ‘Notice Me‘, to accompany the tour.

As Mija explains the track is “made from the file for ‘Notice Me’, but slowed down and stretched out”. The elongated notes make for big sweeping motions in the sound, perfect for in between live band tracks. You’ll have a chance to hear it live in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco, as well as several other cities.

You can listen to the full track on Mija’s Bandcamp page. And what’s even better is that she made the track available to download for free, so make sure and grab it while it’s still there! You can also find the full list of tour dates for Band Practice in the image below! We’ll see you on the dancefloor!
Mija Band Practice Tour