[Watch] Pryda At The Last Brooklyn Navy Yard Show


pryda brooklyn navy yard

Eric Prydz, or in this case Pryda, showcases his talents in the streets of Brooklyn. Being his second stop on the Pryda a generous fan was able to record the show and spread the love. Displaying his incredible light show and giving listeners his signature “Pryda snare” we are reminded of the talent of Prydz. The showcasing of many classic ID’s and some new ones definitely makes this something worth watching. If you haven’t had the chance to see a show this is your chance to see it in all its glory.

Those that attended the show were lucky enough to be the last people to attend the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Prydz personally, asked the venue to be the one to play the last show there. Selling out in record time Prydz gave fans a great set and a final goodbye to the venue.

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