Samsung Galaxy Fold Announced + Coming April for $1980


Samsung has been teasing and teasing their forthcoming foldable phone. As smartphones have started to all blend together, the world has waited anxiously to see the future. The only thing uncertain of their new device: the name. What trendy, innovative moniker could be suitable for this latest invention?

Today Samsung unveiled its full line of new phones, including the brand new Galaxy Fold at its Galaxy Unpacked event. The Galaxy Fold will launch on April 26 for a whopping $1,980, but that’s not much of a stretch for iPhone fans. It will come in LTE and 5G flavors.

It features a 7.3in ‘Infinity Flex’ display. It actually has two different displays — a smaller one on the front like a traditional phone, and the large panel when opened up. The actual display bends instead of separates so say goodbye to black bars or bezels covering the display. It’s one, beautiful, continuous screen that can be folded up and placed in your pocket.

The small display is used for phone mode and comes in at a lower resolution. The phone has 512GB of built in storage and 12GB of RAM. It even has 2 batteries to keep both displays running. It has a 16MP camera alongside a 12MP camera on the back and a 10MP selfie cam. It allows 3 apps to be run at once and Samsung has worked with Google to make sure the OS is tweaked for this configuration.

What’s better than a compact smartphone with a larger immersive display for multitasking and viewing content? Apps will also rearrange themselves when the phone unfolds. Browse, watch, connect and multitask without missing a beat. See how many apps you can run at a time! We approve of this and can’t wait to see the reveal.