The Best Channel to Relax and ChillYourMind


ChillYourMind (CYM) has established itself as one of the largest and best quality music channels in electronic music since it’s foundation in 2014. The channel was founded by Serbian based curator, Pavle Piscevic, and primarily focuses on Deep House and Tropical House. CYM promotes music to more than 725,000 subscribers, with regular songs from the likes of Jonas Blue and Nora en Pure.

The CYM Brand is also responsible for some of YouTube’s best mixes, with some of their best work known to notch up as many as 24 million views. On top of this, ChillYourMind hosts an ongoing, 24/7 live radio channel, which plays some of the finest Deep House from their channel, captivating more than 4000+ listeners at any given time.

Following the booming success on YouTube, the channel has also released an array of quality tracks on their record label. In addition to this, the channel has extended their reach even further, by working in collaboration with the Department of Tourism in Queensland, Australia.

ChillYourMind has succeeded in not only exposing millions of listeners to new music on a daily basis, but also in assisting many aspiring producers to reach their goals and expose their music to the world. ChillYourMind should be an essential record label to frequently check out for any fan of the deeper sounds of House music.

With 24 Releases to date, the young CYM Label has already managed to notch up millions of streams on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. For more amazing chill tunes, follow ChillYourMind on YouTubeSpotify, and Instagram