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The Ghost Production Industry

The ghost production industry is just as enigmatic as its spiritual namesake suggests. With scandal and slander tarnishing the reputation of the industry in the media, it has become less clear to the public what ghost production actually is, and whether it really deserves its negative image.

In short, ghost production is the production of music whereby the producer remains anonymous; the rights for the track are bought by an artist, and that track can then be released under their name.

Why does ghost production have such a negative image?

For starters, some people believe that it’s unfair to the producer of a track. They think buyers have no rights to the music producers create after it is purchased, and the producers lose recognition from fans. Also, some fans are disheartened to find out that DJs and artists they support, release music for which they have not themselves produced.

Ghost production is particularly big in the EDM community. There is a rising belief that ghost production has led to over-commercialized dance music and destroyed the originality of the genre. However, the ghost production industry often results in mutually beneficial relationships, where both artists and producers can benefit.

How does ghost production benefit artists?

For a small cost, artists can purchase ready-made tracks from ghost producers and release them under their name; this means that artists never have to have a drought in terms of music releases, keeping fans happy. This is perfect for artists, like DJs, who are busy touring and may not have the time to produce new music consistently.

On the other hand, artists can choose to more closely collaborate with ghost producers to produce custom-made tracks. For example, at www.theghostproduction.com, artists can discuss their vision with a producer who will immediately get to work on a demo- a snippet of what the ghost producer envisions the track should sound like. After that, if the paying artist likes what they hear, the producer will produce the entire track with mixing and mastering; at The Ghost Production, this includes unlimited revisions of the track, to suit the artist’s tastes.

How does ghost production benefit producers?

That’s right, many producers benefit considerably from ghost producing. For one, it allows producers to make a living doing what they love. Without the ghost production industry, many producers wouldn’t be able to cultivate a large enough following to make a living through releasing music. By selling their tracks to established artists, not only are the tracks able to be enjoyed by a larger number of people, but they also produce greater income overall.

Furthermore, ghost production is a dream career for those who love to produce music. Many producers don’t necessarily want the fame or the party lifestyle that comes with being a DJ, EDM or Pop artist.

So, the moral of the story is: don’t believe everything you hear. While ghost production can be problematic, and certainly not for everyone, it can provide a route for producers to earn a living doing what they love. It gives artists the opportunity to release great music consistently.

To purchase a track, or to collaborate with a ghost producer and bring your musical vision to life, head over to www.theghostproduction.com

Wanzhi 🙂
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