[BREAKING] ULTRA WINS. Rapture’s Lawsuit Ruptures


If you’ve been keeping with us on the latest news between Ultra Music Festival versus Rapture Electronic Music Festival, the long debacle is over. Ultra just released a statement today saying:

THE Court has again declined, for the final time, TO entertain the baseless legal claim against Ultra.

As you may know Rapture’s initial lawsuit was dismissed by the Federal Court Judge, who said that Rapture would have the opportunity to re-file. The Judge opined that the original Complaint was conclusory and essentially devoid of any factual allegations to support any of its claims. Well, Rapture might need some malpractice attorneys now because their new Complaint was as bad as the first one.

The Judge held nothing back either- We’ll highlight a few gems in the Order.

“On February 12, Rapture filed the amended complaint, and it comes no closer to stating a claim than the first did. Rapture’s amended complaint is little more than a list of reasons why Rapture thinks the Ultra music festival is no good. But the legal claims attached to that list are incidental; like a rickety soapbox, they serve no purpose other than to hoist Rapture’s list of grievances into court and, from there, into the public’s view.”

“Additionally, the amended complaint is riddled with typos and paragraphs so poorly written that they are unintelligible. Dismissal is appropriate on those grounds alone. But, as discussed below, the amended complaint fails substantively as well.”

In summary, the Judge slapped Rapture hard and tossed them on their behinds. Because Rapture alleged new state law claims in its Amended Complaint they have the opportunity to re-file ONLY those complaints in Florida State Court. However, the federal case and any of the hearings scheduled are now cancelled and void.

Below is the Ultra press release statement, and the court ruling:

Praise the EDM lords Ultranauts and we’ll see you March! It was nice knowing you Rapture!