Disclosure is Back! Here is Where They Will Be Playing for 2019


 Disclosure Returns!

When Disclosure announced they were going to take a break, we understood wholeheartedly. We missed their music, persona, and performances. However, the music gods have given them rest and the dynamic duo is back! They have just announced a full-fledged tour for 2019. With a variety of shows that include clubs and music festivals across the states, we cannot wait!

Guy and Howard shared the details in a Facebook post below:

When I saw they were playing at Lightning in a Bottle, I was shocked. Can this be true? Yes! Now, Movement Music Festival, Club Space, Brooklyn Mirage and more will be graced with their presence as well. To top it all off, the pair have also announced they will be capping their tour off with a show at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Since their hiatus, they had released a slew of new music including ‘Moonlight’, ‘Ultimatum’, and more. Check out the new material here. When those tracks came out, it gave us a glimmer of hope that they would return. Their music is something we all enjoy; it’s pop-oriented synthesis with numerous music styles. Couple that with their vocal collaborations and you get their luscious success.

Think back to when you first saw them and how it felt. My first time was at EDC Las Vegas 2015. Their sets take you on a journey of dance and song. Everything from production to performance is such a memorable, emotional experience. Aptly named ‘future garage’s fountain of youth’, they’re impossible to ignore. We cannot wait for their performances this year. There’s two-step garage, a little bit of dub, lo-fi, soul, jazz, 90s, hip hop–you name it, they bend it.

Ready for some Disclosure action yet? Tickets go on sale Friday, March 15th at 10am local time — more info and tickets here.