Fans Defend Getter After He’s Boo’d at His Houston Show


When you go to a show there are certain expectations we have as fans. American producer, Tanner Petulla, who more commonly known as Getter, is currently on tour for his Visceral album. Unfortunately, some individuals last night weren’t feeling his set in Houston.

Rave Humor shared the news on Facebook.

Getter’s friend and fellow producer, Ekali, posted on Twitter today about what happened.


The Aftermath

So far there have not been any videos posted showing the incident, but it has been confirmed through fans across all social media platforms. The majority of reactions have been supportive of Petulla. Some fans have called for Excision to cancel his Houston show as punishment for the rude reaction of the ‘railers.’


Originally, Getter’s music has been primarily Dubstep. What is surprising is the amount of backlash he has received from fans on his Visceral album and tour. And yet, Petulla has been open to the criticism and earlier this month decided to adjust some aspects of his live show.

The Bigger Picture

This situation brings up a larger issue within music culture.

Being a “fan since day one” doesn’t mean you own the artist. In fact, if you claim to be a die-hard fan since the beginning of the artist’s career then by default you should know that they are embarking on a journey of musical discovery. It’s okay to love the origins but a lot of you still need to learn how to respect the development. This is their career. Sure, criticism is a part of any job, and we need it in order to grow and learn. There is a difference between constructive criticism and being an asshole.

Getter, don’t stop what you’re doing. We appreciate you and your music. Some people really suck.

You can stream his latest single, Ham Sandwich, below.