Flume Announces “Hi This Is Flume” Mixtape on Instagram


this is flumeFlume is back! After a huge tour following his record-smashing sophomore album Skin, Australian Harley Streten took some time off to relax and write more music.

According to his documentary¬†“When Everything Was New”, Flume works best the more uncomfortable and unsuitable the conditions are to write music. Eschewing the studio in favour of the back of car, a beach, or anywhere that inspires creativity, Harley creates the most unique sounding electronic music of the decade.

Details are limited to the Instagram post from Flume’s official Instagram, just a picture, title and release date. We hope it is packed with lots of new Flume sounds and beats. Look for the Hi This Is Flume mixtape coming tomorrow March 20th, and get behind one of the most promising young artists around today.

Check out the post below, or the Mixtape Visualizer on YouTube here.


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this time tomorrow. Hi This Is Flume (Mixtape)

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