Ghastly Was Roofied During Miami Music Week


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Last night, Ghastly was apparently roofied while DJing during Miami Music Week.

After a few drinks, he blacked out for 6-7 hours and woke up in his hotel room. We don’t have any more details at the moment but we are glad he is safe now.

“Roofie”, otherwise known as rohypnol, is often known as a date rape drug. The perpetrator will usually slip the pill into someone’s drink at a party. Once the victim loses consciousness, the perp will then either try to rape/steal from the victim.

Drug use is common in the music scene but it is definitely not ok to forcefully use it on someone else. In Ghastly’s case, we are speechless on what kind of asshole would do that to him, especially while he is DJing for a party.

As MMW continues, we ask that everyone watch out for themselves, friends, and, others around them. The music scene is no place for any type of negativity like this.