Jason Ross – IOU (Club Mix / Crystal Skies Remix)


nullJason Ross – IOU (Club Mix / Crystal Skies Remix)

Jason Ross is back yet again, re-releasing ‘IOU’ off his ‘Rooms’ EP with a Crystal Skies remix along with a club mix. The release can be found on Anjunabeats, Above & Beyond’s label, chasing the Dimibo remix of ‘Elements’ and Rooms Mix 2.

The original track is delicate, combining percussive elements with an echo infused based moving around the vocal. Part of the release is the club mix which changes the intro into a thumping and dancey rhythm. The vocal then kicks in with the bass, maintaining an infectious groove. The track maintains some of its delicate features in the breakdown, involving an expansive riser as it progresses. The new chorus then wonderfully combines all the elements with the vocal to keep the energy going. Finally, the track falls back into the piano, pads, and vocals into a quiet outro.

On the other hand, Crystal Skies intro the track with a stabby synth, layering the vocal, and a low kick. The track swiftly changes direction going into the riser. Claps, snares, and an arpeggio lead the track into a melodic Dubstep chorus.

You can stream all the track below: