MAD M.A.C. & Flaremode – Madagascar


MAD M.A.C. & Flaremode – Madagascar

The power union of MAD M.A.C. and Flaremode are up to no good once again. After their banging remix of ‘Show Your Flame,’ anticipations ran high for their next collab. The groups have once again struck gold with their latest release ‘Madagascar.’ The dance floor trembler hits shelves via Smash The House Records.

All involved are pumped for the release of this stormer. Flaremode posted this teaser video on their Facebook account to promote the release:

MAD M.A.C. vs. Flaremode‘s ‘Madagascar” takes you in it’s clutches from the start. With a big kick drum build up and some rhythmic chanting, the track drops hard into the first bass crescendo. The cutting laser-synth work is sharp and expertly mixed. As the bottom drops out, a simple yet uplifting breakdown possesses shades of early trance elements. As the clock ticks down, you know you are in for another massive release. The kick drum and bass both pick back up, then BOOM – let the breakneck pace commence. It is a monster anthem tune that will be sure to have an impact on dance floors this festival season.

This beast has finally been unleashed. Check out the huge MAD M.A.C. vs. Flaremode team up ‘Madagascar’ below.