[Interview] Backstage of ASOT 900 with Maor Levi: Exclusive Talk


Backstage of ASOT 900 with Maor Levi: Exclusive Talk
We love Maor Levi and everything he does! After his spotless show during ASOT 900, we got some time to spend with him and got to know more about his side projects and the evolution of his music. See the full interview below:

Good to see you here Maor Levi! You’ve started 2019 the right way with your latest track ‘Celestial’. What other projects are coming down in the pipeline for this year?

I’ve a bunch of more singles coming on Armada! So far just singles, mostly singles.

Speaking of projects, are you doing any collaborations at the moment? Who are the lucky artists to be working with you right now?

Yeah! I have a friend of mine which is a newcomer, he goes by the name of OTIOT, he’s a really good friend of mine and he’s from the psytrance world, and he’s been doing really good, I’ve been trying to push him, I think he’s really talented, we have a few collaborations already, and more tracks are going to be released this year!

You’ve been creating fantastic music for more than 15 years, and counting. How do you see the evolution of your sounds through the years?

You know, it’s very fascinating! I think it’s I’ve learned a lot from experiencing different genres, but you know, it’s been good! I’m glad of the way I’ve progressed, and yeah, it’s been really nice to see that my sound is shaping the way I want it to shape, so I’m happy about that.

How many aliases do you have? What’s the difference between all of them?

Oh! Well, I like to do a project for every style that I do, but I have a general project called 123XYZ, then I have an electro-house project called Lazer Lazer Lazer, I have my trap reggae project called Megatone, and those are pretty much my active projects! I have a lot of other projects but they are sleeping, you know!

We’d like to end up the interview with one vital question: how do you like your pizza: with or without pineapple?

Without pineapple. WITHOUT pineapple! I think (with pineapple) it’s a sin!