Simon Patterson ft. Lucy Pullin – Blink


Simon Patterson Blink

Simon Patterson ft. Lucy Pullin – Blink

Simon Patterson is a mainstay in the uplifting trance scene. His fast paced drum beats, serene breakdowns and melodic overtones are undeniably addictive. Pair his beautiful instrumentation with the airy vocals of Lucy Pullin and you’ve got an instant classic. ‘Blink‘ is an homage to that feeling of not wanting to miss out on something that’s already slipping away.

Afraid that she’ll “miss you if I blink,” Lucy Pullin brings a verbal nostalgia to the emotional production of Simon Patterson. It becomes easy to lose yourself in the moment as Pullin and Patterson serenade the listener with their unique and passionate production. From the lyrics to the arrangement, ‘Blink’ gives the impression of being satisfied yet still wanting more.

Give Simon Patterson and Lucy Pullin’s newest dancefloor anthem in the link below. Embracing the pain of loss and the desire for the things we love to stay, ‘Blink’ unabashedly tugs on the most hardened of heartstrings. Out on March 18th, don’t forget to grab your copy of Patterson and Pullin’s new uplifting masterpiece.