Sorority Sisters Started A GoFundMe To Upgrade “Poor” Friend to VIP At Coachella


GoFundMe and the internet overall can provide us with great feel-good moments. We know the website can be used for good use. Just a few months ago a campaign was started for the Fyre Festival caterers who lost lots of money. However, the website can also be used for completely unnecessary reasons. Just recently Sorority Sisters tried to upgrade one of their friends to VIP passes for Coachella. Because attending the festival without one is a crazy and unimaginable thought.

The best part of this story is the reasoning behind it. In the description of the GoFundMe they detailed why Mackenzie couldn’t afford it in the first place. Sorority life can be tough, am I right?

It’s actually pretty funny that this campaign got off the ground. A few things to note is the fact that she has only had this dream for 3 months! There are people that have waited years to go to this festival. And she went on a Spring Break Trip and that is the major reason she doesn’t have enough money for VIP.

Anything over like $30 helps!

To give background on the story and its tragic reasons of needing a VIP pass. Last year, the same girl group went to Lollapalozza. Every girl had a VIP pass except for Mackenzie. They had to suffer through most of the festival without going into the VIP section but eventually went, leaving their friend behind. Sounds like a great friendship to me!

Believe it or not the GoFundMe goal has been met. I know you all were eager to donate to this cause. The donor to give Mackenzie her dream of VIP was actually her Dad. Incredible and heartwarming story.