Spotify Tests Spotify Duo, New Subscription Plan For Two


spotify duoSpotify is testing a new monthly premium subscription, tailored specifically for two people. The new plan, Spotify Duo, is currently available in Chile, Columbia, Denmark, Ireland, and Poland. If all goes well, we can hope to see the plan become available in more countries. Those who are married or have a close friend with similar music tastes, will want to consider this new plan. It might bond your relationship closer and most importantly, save you some money!

Spotify Duo includes all the same features as a regular Premium account but offers one special feature; Duo Mix. If you and a friend have a Duo membership, the Duo Mix will incorporate music from both your styles. For example, if you love listening to EDM and your friend loves listening to Country, the Duo Mix playlist will do it’s best to mix those together. Would definitely make for a unique playlist, one we hope doesn’t split friendships. Lastly, Duo Mix offers three listening modes: standard, chill, and uptempo, perfect for whatever mood you guys are in.

In all, Spotify Duo might be the perfect choice for you and a close friend, rather than the Spotify Family Plan. If your significant other does have conflicting music styles, you’ll still be able to have your own curated playlists. They will be shared with your Duo Partner though. It’s reported to cost around $12.49 a month, if officially initiated in the USA. Currently, a standard Premium plan cost $9.99, while a Family Subscription costs $14.99.

Would you be interested in trying out Spotify Duo or are you sticking with another Premium package?