Woodstock 50 Secures Santana, Chance the Rapper, and More


Woodstock 50 poster image
It’s been 50 years since the original Woodstock festival. For this golden anniversary, the 1969 Woodstock Co-Producer and Co-Founder, Michael Lang, has secured top headliners for the three-day festival. The festival, which is to take place from August 16th to the 18th in Watkins Glen, New York, will be titled Woodstock 50.

In a statement with BillboardLang announced that there will be over 80 artists at this event. Although the full lineup has not been released, organizers have confirmed these headliners: Santana, Chance the Rapper, Dead and Company, The Killers, and Imagine Dragons. There are also rumors circulating about Miley Cyrus, Halsey, Jay-Z, and The Black Keys joining the lineup.

Santana at 1969 Woodstock with band
Santana performing at 1969 Woodstock


The event is expected to draw about 100,000 people. Unfortunately, the original festival grounds, Bethel Woods, is not big enough to host an event this size. Instead, Woodstock 50 will take place an hour and a half away at the Watkins Glen International Speedway. This new location, however, will not change the atmosphere of the festival. When Lang first announced Woodstock 50, he had this to say about his decision to commemorate the festival:

“The original festival in ’69 was a reaction by the youth of the time to the causes we felt compelled to fight for – civil rights, women’s rights, and the antiwar movement, and it gave way to our mission to share peace, love and music. Today, we’re experiencing similar disconnects in our country, and one thing we’ve learned is that music has the power to bring people together. So, it’s time to bring the Woodstock spirit back, get involved and make our voices heard.”

As we move closer to the 50th-anniversary date, we can see the influence Woodstock has had into the modern-day festival. It wouldn’t be surprising if they include electronic artists into this lineup since EDM culture is all about spreading love and peace as well. We’re beyond excited to see who joins this iconic event.