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Big Beat Releases Ignition Compilation Album

Big Beat has released various compilation albums in the past inspired various cities including Ibiza, Paris, Amsterdam, and Detroit. Now it has come time for the next Ignition compilation album to release and this time it’s is inspired by Los Angeles. As most of you guys may know, Los Angeles is currently one of the creative origins of the world. Some of the greatest artists in the world reside in the city as they believe that the city provides inspirations in their personal projects. This mentality is presented in this new Big Beat compilation album as the tracks are diversely impressive.

The album consists of tracks from artists including Ekali, Salvatore Ganacci, Dillon Nathaniel, Bro Safari, and many more. One of the major standouts of the album is GTA and Valentino Khan’s Pt. 2 VIP edit of the track ‘Break Your Neck’. The title of the track says it all but the track provides an aggressive head banging drop that would make the front rail of any crowd go wild. Another great track on the album is Salvatore Ganacci and Megatone’s ‘Cake’. Just like how goofy Salvatore is on the big stage, the track offers a funky sound throughout. Overall the album includes a wide variety of music so be sure to check out the full album below to see which one is your favorite!

Michael Tam
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