UK Security Firm Insists Public Stop Using Blink182 & Metallica as Passwords


When it comes to creating passwords for all of the accounts we use, we tend to stick with something simple we can remember. If the passwords are simple for us to remember, then they are undoubtedly simple for a pro hacker to manage as well. Many of us who have chosen popular artists like Blink182, Metallica, Eminem, Slipknot, and 50cent for our passwords, are especially at risk. The UK Government’s National Cyber Security Center has added passwords like these to a global password risk list seen HERE.

Using your favorite artist or song name as your go to password is probably one of the worst decisions you can make. Not only do thousands, if not millions of other people around the world use that password as well, but they take seconds for a hacker to get through. Think about it; if you constantly post and retweet about Blink182 on your Twitter, a hacker can easily assume you might use them as one of your passwords.

Some of the other commonly used passwords that should be avoided include: 111111, Ashely, Michael, Tigger, Superman, Password, and 123456. Shockingly, it was reported that there were over 30 million hacked victims who used 123456 as a password. Honestly, 123456 is the worst password we’ve heard of and don’t understand how anyone could feel secure using that.

From now on, try to create a unique password that has as many characters and symbols as you can for every site you use. Avoid popular musicians and names, no matter how huge of a dedicated fan you are. They will understand! Lastly, take advantage of your phone and computer’s password saving system. Your iPhone can safely remember all your passwords and update them as needed