Diplo Announces New Country Project & Shares Debut Single


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Well, I declare, ‘So LongDiplo and hello Thomas Wesley! The American producer has recently announced that he will be taking on a new country music project – and Heavens to Betsy, we’re here for it!

Sure, we’re used to seeing the EDM superstar branch out from his comfort zone to take on new and exciting business opportunities, but collaborating with┬ácountry-pop singer/songwriter Cam was one we certainly didn’t see coming.

The duo has recently dropped a new debut single called ‘So Long‘, and what’s even more shocking is that the fact that it’s actually really good!

Although Diplo is known for his dancehall, trap, Moombahton, pop, hip hop, EDM, … well, pretty much any genre gets mixed into his sets, we’re pleasantly surprised to hear that country is another genre that he has mastered – I guess we have Thomas Wesley to thank for that.

Check Out The New Single Below: