Drew Taggart From The Chainsmokers Sells His House To Tom From MySpace


Well, Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers just sold his West Hollywood property to Tom Anderson from Myspace. For a slick $3.8 million, this little place is stationed in the Melrose District on a small lot. It is easily accessible to Santa Monica Blvd, Fairfax Ave, and Melrose Ave.

Built recently in 2016, the two-story home comes complete with clean lines, glass walls, and modern fixtures across 4,758 square feet. Highlights on the main floor include a chef’s kitchen and a built-in fireplace. The majestic floating staircase to the second floor boasts four bedrooms and three balconies. Shades of grey wash the open spaces. The master suite houses a sitting room, bathroom, and dual walk-in closets.

A second-story fountain feeds into a gorgeous infinity pool/spa outside. Hedges surround the outside with a covered patio and small turf yard.

Realtor.com lists the magnificent home with Jennifer Winston as selling agent. You can check out the images of the place online but our default Top 8 friend is already locked in its place. To see two huge industry moguls change spaces is quite a delight!

Being part of a Grammy-winning group, Taggart has come a long way. They’ve dominated the EDM-pop scene while snagging a top three spot on the US Billboard Hot 100.

For Tom, he co-founded the platform with Chris Wolfe in 2003 and later served as president under News Corp. We’re glad to see he’s doing ok for himself these days.

What do you guys think of the new home for Tom? I don’t think there could be a better home for him. It’s been all quiet on his retired front but we live vicariously through his travel photos. It’s actually been about two years since we’ve seen him but he’s back now with a place to stay. I’m sure we owe a great deal to the one who helped us meet our friends!