Memes Collide as Fyre’s Andy King Shows Up at Ultra Music Festival


At Ultra Music Festival 2019 meme magic happened and worlds collided. After the Friday shuttle fiasco the running joke was calling Ultra Fyre Festival 2, even though things improved after that. Well, because the world is a funny place, the Fyre Festival meme himself made an appearance at the festival.

One of the best things that came out of the doc’ was Andy King – you may know him as the “wonderful gay leader” that almost “took one for the team” – i.e. using oral sex as a means of getting the water out of bureaucratic gridlock instead of having to cough up $175,000 to do so.

Recently, the infamous legend was seen living it up at Ultra Music Festival this past weekend. We’re positive he was “fully prepared” to enjoy the experience to the fullest!

Attending my first festival since FYRE…taking notes ????

-Andy King

What we want to know is whether he heard the Fyre Festival comparisons, considering he would know better than anybody how much worse Fyre actually was. Based on his IG post it looks like he’s having a great time and enjoying himself, and he probably even took the shuttle.