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[Interview] Mesto Talks About New Music and the Time He DJed with a Tampon Up his Nose

While we were in Miami, we stopped by the Spinnin’ Sessions Pool Party and had the opportunity to chat it up with up and coming DJ and producer, Mesto. We talked about new music, touring and even the time he DJed with a tampon up his nose… Check out the full interview below now!

You recently just put out a new song, can you tell us more about it and what was the steps you took to produce it?

I have a new song and it’s called Layla. I was a little bit afraid when I released it but eventually it’s good to do some different stuff as well for me personally. I got the vocal and that was like 108 BPM or something so it really was slow, and I just did my thing around it. No rules. Literally, I got the vocal and made everything around it, so I love to work like that, but I need to learn how to record vocals with someone when I already have an idea.

Do you foresee yourself continuing in this kind of thing, or is it just kind of one time?

Maybe sometimes, but of course I have a lot of club tracks as well, because that’s what I do. I would like to take another journey sometimes to another style or something, but yeah I just want to do everything, just around the club stuff.

Do you feel like it’s hard for you to focus on any one genre when you kind of make it all?

No, because I have so much house tracks that it’s just nice for me to do different stuff. And house music for me, I have been doing it for four and a half years, so I know how to approach it, it’s so fun.

What kind of music do you usually listen to and draw inspiration from?

Well, personally, my Spotify playlist is full of just really quiet, chill music. I like really unknown artists. Vivio is really chill music. Guitar stuff. John Mayer. He’s another one. Just stuff like that, I like to listen to it because I’m in house music so long when I make it, I just want to listen to someone else. Coldplay I love their approach to chords and stuff. They have a trick where they have two notes overlapping, but it’s possible, and I love that type of things.

What is your mentality when you release tracks? Are they usually on every couple of months?

It’s weird, because I used to have not that many tracks lined up, so when I released a track I would have nothing to release after it, so I had to hurry and make something new, but right now I have so much that we planned for the whole year, I had two really good months where I was really inspired, and I make seven new tracks or something like that.

What’s one of the craziest things that has happened to you while you were DJing?

Okay, so I have one story. I think it was two years ago. I was playing, it was really hot. Really cool festival, vibe was great, and then suddenly my nose started bleeding while I was playing. It was horrible. I know this because it were dripping on the CD tape, it was horrible. It was like, the MC, it was a woman. She had a tampon. Then she stuck it in my nose, and I continued DJing. Since then, I always bring tampons.

Do you have tampons in your pocket right now? Did you ever find why? Were you just going so ham that your nose started …

What’s your show schedule coming up? What are you playing to?

We confirmed a lot of shows already, right now we have forty already for this year. I was a lot in Asia in the last year, I’m gonna do that this year as well. The three shows in Japan and China, Bali, Vietnam, but also Cyprus, Paris. Everywhere, and this is my first time in Miami, so it’s really cool. I just played at Spinning Sessions and tomorrow I’m doing Tiesto’s show in the LIV.

What’s your background with Mike Williams, were you guys friends before being on tour?

We are friends already for six years or something. Maybe longer. We played at the same party in my hometown, a small venue where Martin Garrix started as well. We’re always sending our tracks to each other and ask for feedback still.

Michael Tam
EDMTunes Managing Editor & SiriusXM Music Programmer
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