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[Interview] The Him Talk About the Time A Shooting Occurred at Their Show

The Him have had countless hit tracks over the past few years. While we were down in Miami, we had the opportunity to stop by the Spinnin’ Sessions event and chat with them about upcoming projects as well as the time a shooting occurred outside a frat party they were playing at. Check out the full interview below.

Can you talk about what you guys have planned coming up in 2019?

The Him:
We have a lot of new music coming out. We spend a lot of time in the studio and doing writing sessions all over the place, in L.A., Sweden, in our studio in Amsterdam. And like you said, we like to try different things, different types of music. It’s always centered around a song that we like. Or that we’ve written L.A. or something like that. There’s a lot coming. Next release will be on the third of May. It’s called Family Album Spinning and you’ll see it.

How do you guys usually determine your release schedule, is it kinda like every couple months or how?

The Him:
It’s like we try to release every two months like a single, a remix, so yeah we try to release every two months, or a single, or a remix.

Do you find that when you are inspired to write, it kind of happens all at one time or sporadically or you’re always kind of consistently making new tunes?

The Him:
The writing is just we do like at least 4 times a year, we go to LA to have 4-week writing session. And like when we are back from tour, we work in the studio nonstop. The production is pretty much constantly when we’re not on the road. So, we try to keep making stuff anytime.

Gotcha. Any big shows not even down the road, any big shows for this year, coming up?

The Him:
Yeah man, yeah. We’re going to Asia right after Miami Music Week, we’re playing Omnia in Bali, we’re playing Creamfields in China. We’re doing Kaaboo festival, and Hangouts Festival in America.

Do you guys have any, big collabs or like people you want to collab with? That you’re allowed to say?

The Him:
We’re always working on new things. We’re fans of most different types of music, and obviously it would be funny, not funny, but fun to work with some of those people. At the end of the day, we love cool sounds and great voices, so that can be anybody for us. It’s funny because I think our inspiration for the music doesn’t really necessarily come from the music that we play or make. And it definitely happens a little bit, you know, we definitely love house music

In terms of genre’s going forward this year, are you trying to focus on any one thing or is it still kind of do a little bit of this, a little house?

The Him:
I think we’re trying to focus more on house music, but then every once in a while something else comes out. I don’t know where it comes from. It’s happening right now, we’re working on this song, I can’t say the name yet, but, we’re working on this song and we’re like, ”Yup this should be a house song.” We’re going to do a house song. It’s just pulling us in a different direction.

What’s the craziest thing that has ever happened while you DJ?

The Him:
Last week after it happened we said to each other: ‘now we finally have really good stories’. It was pretty crazy. While we were playing, I think the last ten minutes for set, there was a shooting going on right? We were playing at a frat party somewhere in the States, it was a great party, well organized, then all of a sudden like ten minutes before we were done, like the guys that own the frat house come with us these texts on their phone apparently there is this automated system and everybody has got to go to the fucking basement and there is a shooting going on. Turned out some fucking idiots got drunk in a fight. Back in the end, we were in the room and they were knocking on each other’s doors because the police were checking out if the shooter was over there. It was fucking crazy man.

Do you play a lot of smaller shows like that as well, on top of your big shows to go around?

The Him:
Yeah. We try to reach out to all the fans in frat parties but also smaller clubs, bigger clubs, big festivals, like if they are in then yeah we love to do it all, you know? In the end if the energy of the party is great, we have fun they have fun, so.

How does it work with both of you guys DJing?

The Him:
We fight. We play back to back. We play one song at a time and then he takes over and then I take over.

Is there anything you guys wanted to promote or talk about? 

The Him:
Check out our new song Tell Your Friends out on Spinning, Spotify, YouTube, anywhere you want to listen to it. It is a great track.

Michael Tam
EDMTunes Managing Editor & SiriusXM Music Programmer
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