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Mixed In Key Releases Studio Edition VST Plugin

Mixed In Key is a commonly used software by many producers and DJs. It helps them figure out the key for audio tracks. DJs often use it to mix in acapellas and tracks for harmonic mixing. Mixed In Key Studio Edition is their most recent release, presenting itself as a VST (virtual studio plugin). The award winning key detection tool allows producers to instantly analyse sounds and samples inside their DAW, identifying detailed notation data and establishing the root key.

In the plugin’s view, you will be met with a percentage graph exhibiting how closely notes match the samples. Key results can be viewed using Flat, Sharp or Camelot wheel notation. Any piece of audio on any channels can be captured in the VST and analysed in real-time for quick results and convenience. To further assist its functions, the programme can make drum tuning significantly easier. You’ll be able to instantly know the exact key and pitch of your percussive elements. Furthermore, pitch correction plugins can make tuning a lot easier by inputting the right key. Using the plugin efficiently might require a degree of music theory knowledge, but is certain to help you mix better throughout the process.

Mixed In Key Studio Edition is available for Mac OS and Windows, and is officially supported for Ableton Live, FL Studio and Apple Logic. Costing $58 USD, you can find it here.

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