Oliver Heldens – Summer Lover (feat. Devin & Nile Rodgers)


Oliver Heldens Summer Lover

Oliver Heldens – Summer Lover (feat. Devin & Nile Rodgers)

Oliver Heldens released his second single of the year today, April 12th. Since 2013, Heldens has transformed into a star in dance music by ebbing in and out the various styles of house. He is successful in putting a different spin on the formulaic house track. ‘Summer Lover’ first premiered at Ultra this past March. It features fervent vocals from Nile Rodgers and lively guitar rhythms from Devin.

“Summer, Lover

why don’t you stay?”

The vibe of this song is unlike his January 2019 release, The Groove‘. He mixes the excitement for summer with the right amount of moodiness, which are brought out in the lyrics. The guitar riffs groove throughout the song and really pop out at the end, tying it all together.

Heldens’s versatility really shines through with ‘Summer Lover‘ It’s the kind of song that’s necessary in order to balance out all of the incoming pop-y summer mixes. If you have a good pair of headphones, and feel like taking a walk around the city or beach, this is the perfect tune to block out all of the hustle and bustle.

Oliver Heldens – Summer Lover (feat. Devin & Nile Rodgers)