RIP iTunes…It’s Been Real


┬áIt’s the Beginning of the End for iTunes

Today, Apple announced that they are set on commencing the phase out iTunes. Two separate sources confirmed the company is breaking up its media management software. Music, TV, Podcasts, and maybe even Books will be separate standalone apps. Stay tuned for the revisions in the next macOS update.

It’s rumored that the Music app will primarily focus on offering a hub for Apple Music. The battle between Apple Music and Spotify continues among the other streaming services. It’s clear that the use of music streaming has won our hearts over. It’s easy to search a song and add it to a playlist. With membership fees so low and family plans available, every song is there at your fingertips.

I remember trying to find an HD link on YouTube and converting that link to an mp3. My iTunes library filled up so I needed to get devices with more GB. The gift and curse of Apple is that you have these high-end devices but updates are necessary every few months. However, the power of music was in your hands.

Last November, Apple launched its ‘Preferred Distribution Program’ where they work with preferred distributors to reach a worldwide audience through Apple Music. Seeing as how
streaming feels like “the dawn of a new DJ experience”, it’s clear who reigns supreme here.

As of right now, we do not know when the beloved app will fade away. I think we can assume that when everyone stops purchasing downloads, that is when its existence will disintegrate. Like all good things, they must come to an end. Times are changing, and so are we and our music preferences.

Would separate apps for each media be a good thing? Let us know as we wait for the latest updates from Apple. #saveiTunes or #moveOn?