These Vinyl-Inspired Sinks are Perfect for Any Music Fan


Sink Console by Olympia Ceramica, VinylIf you read this blog then you’re obviously a music lover. But, if you’re specifically a vinyl lover, then this bathroom collection designed by Gianluca Paludi will blow you away. The collection, titled Vinyl (of course), is a product of the Italian design company, Olympia Ceramica.

for those that appreciate nostalgia, the years of the legends, or for those who want to race to the future but keeping an eye on the traditions, on the rhythm, on the entertainment from the funniest decades ever.

Paludi was able to mix the 70s retro vibe with a modern tech design. The furniture comes in various colors and two sizes. Each sink has a vinyl washbasin and also includes a helpful storage drawer and a leather toiletry bag to hang off the side. The faucet is designed to look like a stylus and volume knobs, which control the water pressure and temperature, and the mirror has LED powered lights that resemble an equalizer.

The best part, though, is that this frame includes a music amplifier that you can control by Bluetooth. The drawer even has holes to allow the music to blast through. You’ll be able to listen to your favorite jams while doing your hair or makeup.

You can read more about Olympia Ceramica’s collection here. Take a look at all the photos. You’ll want to break open your bank account to get this furniture. We know we would.

Vinyl by Olympica Cermica
Vinyl by Olympia Cermica 2
Vinyl by Olympica Ceramica brown edition
Vinyl by Olympica Ceramica 3
Vinyl by Olympica Ceramica

Still not convinced? There’s even a video.