UMEK – 19119 EP [1605]


UMEK – 19119 EP [1605]

Slovenia techno legend UMEK is here with his new EP titled ‘19119‘. It features three tracks, one of which is named after his wedding day. From kickstarting raves to introducing electronic music in his home country, he is flying around the world and giving us Slovenia’s most wanted productions.

Here’s a break down of the three tracks.

19119: An aggressive bass line accompanies this track, with elements of acid techno and a killer drop towards the second half. It starts with a progressive buildup for the first half of the song, that kick drum beat propelling the melody. It’s over seven minutes but the ride is worth the wait.

Tonal Shift: Nestled at a comfy 130bpm, a piano synth melody plays in the background. There is no restless bass line here. It has groove and open hi-hat on the off beat for a more underground feel. Just like the title states, the tonal shift here is clear.

The Trope: A menacing melody kicks off the song as excitement builds on where it is going to go. The back beat bass line enters and progresses into a layering of hi-hat, piano synth, and snare. With a break in the journey, it comes right back to the melody for a killer closing.

When he isn’t playing underground clubs in Berlin or massive techno stages at festivals, he’s hard at work on his imprint, 1605. All his releases go onto this label; this is where his signature sound develops and makes a name for itself. On a need to know basis, UMEK gives talented producers a chance at release on his line. A DJ, producer, and radio show host of Behind the Iron Curtainthis Slav is a number one ambassador of music to the world.

Love it, like it, want it, have it. Listen to the latest EP below and let him know what your favorite track is on social media!

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