ARTY Wants To Remix Swedish House Mafia’s Latest ID Track


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ARTY is one of the most diverse producers in the industry. His tracks and remixes continue to wow crowds with a blend of uplifting sounds and bumping club beats. Earlier this year, he released ‘Save Me Tonight‘ which is already one of the biggest tracks of the year. His latest single ‘Avalanche‘, which is released under Armada Music last month, is another massive tune. And now we may be seeing an emotional remix from the Russian producer for Swedish House Mafia’s latest ID.

ARTY took to Twitter this weekend to share his desire to remix the potentially named ‘Underneath It All‘ ID.

Who knows if it will come to pass but if it does it will be a feels trip.  Out of all the producers out there, I can’t think of a better producer than ARTY to remix the track. ARTY’s renditions always seem to add unique doses of euphoria while staying true to the original soundscape. The ID is already mesmerizing enough – this paired with ARTY’s uplifting style will sweep everyone off the dance floor.

A fan recorded video of Swedish House Mafia’s ‘Underneath It All’ ID can be streamed below. So if you are familiar with ARTY’s remixes, close your eyes and imagine what type of melodic lift he will infuse to it.