Au5 Breaks the Barriers With Upcoming LP


Austin Collins, aka Au5, is ready to make his historic mark in the industry.But who is Au5? This latest year, many have seen his name on many lineups and shows around the US.

Austin began his career as a classically trained musician from ages 4-13, then classical and jazz training on bass guitar and double bass from ages 15-19 before deciding to dabble in producing music by himself.

He began releasing music in 2010 with his self-released debut LP, ‘Minimality‘ and eventually has released music on such labels like UMK Dubstep and Monstercat.

Austin Collins aka Au5

This latest ten-track LP, ‘Divinorum‘, really pushes his artistic talents. Vocalists of all kinds are used such as Ashley Apollodor, Jess, and Tasha Baxter. To accompany these artists are beautiful, picturesque piano notes that help the listener feel as though they are looking out to galaxies in space. Then, prepare to also mesmerize by dynamic and intense bass sounds with plenty of instruments used to accompany the dynamic changes in beat.

Each track Au5 has ever produced packs so many sounds (midtempo/bass/dubstep/future funk/glitch hop) in just a few minutes. It’s easy to hear that he has done his homework on producing and analyzing just exactly how to make each sound or vocal fit nicely together.

Tomorrow, take some time to listen to each track of ‘Divinorum’ and immerse yourself in the adventure. In the meantime, listen to the preview below.

Divinorum in this context translates to “[things] of the divine.” The album is about a journey traversing through a series of different realms beyond reality.”

‘Divinorum’ Preview