Beats to Release Wireless Powerbeats Pro on May 10


Those of you who aren’t fans of Apple’s AirPods will have a new option coming on May 10th. Compared to AirPods, The Beats Powerbeats Pro offer physical playback controls and an adjustable ear hook to prevent them from falling out. Additionally, the wireless headphones will also incorporate Apple’s powerful H1 chip, providing ‘Hey Siri’ commands and crystal clear audio. The updated chip, which is also present in the AirPods 2, also brings improved battery life (9 hours) and stronger Bluetooth connections.

As far as pricing goes, the Powerbeats Pro will retail for $249.95, plus applicable taxes. While they are $50 more than the AirPods which go for $159 or $199 to include the wireless charging case, the sleek design, and improved features might make it worthwhile. For those that struggle to get their AirPods to stay securely in their ears, the Powerbeats Pro will likely be their solution.

Again, you’ll be able to pick up a pair of the Powerbeats Pro headphones in Apple Stores May 10th. Alternatively, you may pre-order on Apple’s website this Friday, May 3rd. It’s also worth noting that only black colored Powerbeats Pro option will be available during release. The remaining colors: Ivory, Moss, and Navy, are reported to be released later this summer!

Take a look Beats’ video below to learn more about the Powerbeats Pro: