Bonnaroo’s Iconic Arch Intentionally Burned Down Ahead of 2019 Event


On Monday, those close to the classic Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, were in dismay to see the iconic arch on fire. The arch was impossible to miss when traveling to the four day Tennessee festival and has been the backdrop for countless photos. With the arch intentionally burned to ashes, a new arch will be constructed that will be safer and just as memorable.

The Festival Owl first shared the tragic news of the arch in flames on their Twitter. Additionally, they were able to capture photos of the arch’s ashes, once the flames were extinguished. Although many online believed the fire was due to arson, festival organizers quickly released a reassuring statement on their Twitter.

“The arch had recently discovered significant structural issues and needs to be dismantled/replaced.”

In fact, fire dismantled the arch much quicker and safer than by hand but out of context looked unintentional. Event organizers have yet to release information on what the new arch will entail but plans are in the works. This year’s festival starts in just under four weeks; will it be enough time to construct something new?

Lastly, take a look at the photos below, taken by Festival Owl. The arch didn’t stand a chance against the flames and looks as if Drogon from Game of Thrones flew down and scorched it to ashes. More event and lineup information on Bonnaroo 2019 is available here!