CHVRCHES Increases Security Due To Death Threats From Chris Brown Fans


chrvchesCHVRCHES have revealed that they were forced to increase their security at gigs after receiving multiple death threats from furious Chris Brown fans. Over the weekend CHVRCHES and Chris Brown had an exchange of words bashing one another. Starting with CHVRCHES taking to social media they posted their disappointment regarding Marshmallo’s collab with Tyga and Chris Brown.

Chris Brown soon responded with a few harsh comments, calling CHVRCHES the “type of people I wish walked in front of a speeding bus full of mental patients,” and later added, “Keep groveling over you [sic] own insecurities and hatred.”

Lauren Mayberry took time over the weekend to address the controversy. She promoted that it isn’t right to promote domestic abuse or promote “serial convicted violence” to kids. In addition, she commented, “Now I’m gonna have to invest in some fucking bulletproof tutus because apparently, that does not go down well with the Breezy fans.”

Mayberry revealed that due to the threats and hatred that she has received from fans of Chris Brown has taken a toll. In the tweets below, she writes about avoiding her own home and adding more security to their gigs for protection.

While Chris Brown has yet to make further comment on CHVRCHES’ recent statements or to ask his fans to call off their crusade of hatred, we can only hope that Lauren Mayberry and co. don’t come to any serious harm for speaking out against hate.