Dimitri Vegas Lands Role in Rambo V Movie


In the past few years, Michael Thivaios aka Dimitri Vegas has been stepping out of his musical comfort zone and growing himself into an actor. Late last year, we reported that the Belgian-Greek DJ was gearing up to voice Peter Parker‘s character in the Dutch version of Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse film.

In fact, that was only the beginning. For example, he has also appeared alongside the legendary Jean-Claude Van Damme in Lukas and was featured in the popular film Patser.

Recently, the talented producer has announced that he will be making his American-film debut in the new and highly anticipated Rambo V film.

There have been speculations stating that this new Sylvester Stallone action movie will be the last of the beloved series and with Adrian Grunberg directing the fifth film in the franchise, fans can expect to be completely blown away, once again.

Rambo will be taking on one of his most difficult adventures to date; his friend’s daughter has been kidnapped by a Mexican cartel.

We absolutely can’t wait to see Dimitri Vegas in action, pun intended, when the film hits theaters worldwide on September 20, 2019.


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