[WATCH] Diplo Gives Inside Look At Home on Episode Of “Gym & Fridge”

Diplo Gym & Fridge

Take a peek inside Diplo‘s Hollywood Hills home in the latest episode of “Gym & Fridge”, from Men’s Health. In this 8 minute 30 second video, Diplo takes us on a tour through his massive home, emphasizing – you’ve got it – his gym and fridge.

From yoga flows on his Chanel mat, to squatting with a giant chicken, Diplo never fails to entertain. He also explains what he eats and how he stays in shape in the midst of his busy life.

Additionally, we get an inside look at his fridge, which is filled with things ranging from healthy foods and juices, to bottles of Dom Perignon. Finally, we get a glimpse at Diplo’s in-house studio, and the extensive equipment and instruments inside.

Check out “Diplo Shows His Home Gym & Fridge” down below!